Senior Design Engineer

Redrow Homes Lancashire
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The role of the Technical Department in an Operating Division is to provide a practical and cost effective technical service to the company.

This will encompass site evaluation, architectural and engineering design, and the investigations of any technical problems encountered and provision of economical and viable solutions.  This may involve liaison with, appointment of and co-ordination of external professionals.

The technical department are involved with the Redrow product from inception to completion.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Advise Land Dept on Technical viability of new sites

  2. Assist in the production of layouts and technical report for Land Appraisals; and required working drawings

  3. Prepare outline engineering schematics & Technical reports for Land Appraisals


  4. Brief and commission site investigations, topographical survey and other assessment reports on land acquired


  5. Brief engineering consultants on scope of design

  6. Initial negotiations/enquiries with statutory bodies on environmental, drainage, highways and other engineering issues when apprising land


  7. Manage initial technical submissions for approval by statutory authorities (e.g. S104, S38, S278)


  8. Issue engineering information to Commercial, Construction and Sales departments

  9. Fee negotiation and appointment of consultants


  10. Obtain planning permissions and other statutory approvals e.g. S104 and S38 Agreements

  11. Prepare Sales and Legal information e.g. Conveyance plans and M colours


  12. Answer Technical queries

    POS, S38, S104 adoptions

  13. Liaise with Redrow Commercial on Special Projects

  14. Comply with responsibilities as laid down in the Group’s Health, Safety and Environment Policy.


  15. At all times comply with company policies, procedures and instructions.

  16. Implement new ideas and methods and continue to seek ways of both improving contribution to the organisation’s goals and enhancing the reputation of the company.

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