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Land and Planning Graduate, Harrow Estates

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a. My drive to work hard and get results
b. Being flexible and adaptable
c. A certain amount of luck or good fortune
d. A 'knack' of getting to know the right people
e. An ability to learn and develop myself
f. Being in the right place at the right time
g. An ability to talk and relate to other people
h. My ability to motivate and inspire others
i. Having the support of friends and/or family
j. My ability to work as part of a team
k. Setting high standards for myself
l. Something else

a. I try to be friendly and get along with everyone, but some people are just "hard work" and I'm happy to leave them alone.
b. I think it's important to try to make friends with other people at work and to be sociable with everyone.
c. I can get on with practically everyone I meet; even people I don't particularly like very much wouldn't be able tell.
d. I still have an open mind - I haven't had enough experience of working with so many different types of people to be able to say.