Commercial Director

Redrow Homes South Midlands
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Job Purpose: To be the Head of the Commercial Department and to manage the Surveying and Purchasing departments, having overall responsibility for all expenditure and for controlling "Cost of Sales"; and taking a strategic view from Land Acquisition through to Customer Care initiatives.

Responsible for:

Staff: Chief Quantity Surveyor, Purchasing Manager, Surveyors, Buyers.

As appropriate: – Assistant Quantity Surveyor (s),

Commercial Clerk (s),

Project Co-ordinator

Scope: The Commercial Department in a Homes Division is responsible for the separate functions of Purchasing and Surveying and also provides information/an overview of local land acquisition as well as ensuring that all Group Commercial policies and procedures are adhered to within the division. The job holder provides overall commercial advice to the divisional Board and assists the Managing/Regional Director in the preparation of budgets and Strategic plans for the respective Homes Division.

Key Responsibilities

Key Responsibilities:

1. Management of the Business:

  • In accordance with corporate responsibility for the business, work effectively as part of the senior management team and take a "whole company" perspective to managing issues.
  • The job holder has corporate governance responsibilities which extend across all business areas and which require the post holder to actively promote best practice throughout the company.
  • The job holder, with fellow Divisional Directors has overall business responsibility for the management of the Division; including the general running of the company, setting budgets, minimising risks, maximising opportunities, achieving the company’s targets; and seeking to positively influence the progression and growth of the division.

2. Management of the Department

  • Responsible for effectively managing the company’s Commercial function to ensure best practices are followed, costs are controlled, the Department maximises revenue generation and contribution to the company’s operating profit and increases the value added to the company.

3. Land Acquisition

  • Production of Commercial Report for inclusion in Land Appraisal
  • Ensure all Build Costs are current and correctly appraised
  • Include and appraise all latest prelim defaults
  • Appraise different methods of construction. Consider different forms of contract/approach in non-standard works
  • Co-ordinate external consultants in preparation of detailed cost-plans where necessary
  • Approve Appraisal

4. Procurement

  • Check and agree site start critical path programme
  • Manage process of procuring sub-contract and supplier orders and authorise in line with above.
  • Ensure all orders are placed prior to site start in accordance with policy and procedures.
  • Review overall cost position. Negotiate with Contractors where appropriate.
  • Establish informal partnerships with subcontractors for key trades
  • Create dialogue with Construction team throughout process
  • Ensure all Health and Safety procedures are followed

5. Budget Estimates

  • Agree Budget Estimate with Chief Surveyor/Surveyor. Carry out overview checks on key indicators. Present to Managing/Regional Director and Finance Director.
  • Meet with Head of Sales to establish sale prices for new budgets.
  • Prepare and evaluate Fees/Services budget with Technical Manager.
  • Discuss sales and construction preliminaries with relevant Director.

6. Monthly Valuations

  • Agree monthly valuations with Chief Quantity Surveyor/Surveyor.
  • Present valuations to the Accounts department and MD/RD in accordance with Policy and Procedures.
  • Time manage process, ensuring full co-ordination with Accounts department

7. Division Budget, Strategic Plan

  • Production of Appraisals and build expenditure profile for inclusion into division Budget.
  • Advise and overview approach of divisional budget and provide support to team where necessary
  • Involvement in preparation of Strategic Plans, advising on Build Cost Indices/Inflation and providing updated and new appraisals/build expenditure forecasts.

8. Staff

  • Ensure the right calibre of staff are recruited, and in accordance with company policy and procedures.
  • Lead, motivate, communicate with, develop, appraise and performance manage staff to ensure they are fully motivated to achieve best performance to meet the company’s needs.
  • Ensure the department operates in accordance with Company policies and procedures.
  • Comply with responsibilities as laid down in the Group’s Health & Safety Policy in order to ensure a safe environment within the department.

9. Meetings

  • Prepare papers for inclusion in Divisional Board Pack, present current issues at Board Meetings and be involved in discussing and influencing all aspects of the business.

10. Implement policy and procedures for disciplines, including sharing best practice with Group Commercial.

11. Attend sites regularly and frequently to provide assistance and support to site staff.

Working Relationships:

Effective working relationships are an essential part of daily working life.

The focus in this role is both:-

Internal: All colleagues within the respective Homes Division and relevant Group functions; and

External: Sub-Contractors, Consultants, Local Authorities

Decision Making Authority: Limited to £250k authority

These are illustrative duties and the post holder will be expected to become involved in a range of work to enable the department to respond effectively to the requirements of the Company.

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