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The role of the Technical Department in a Homes Division is to provide a practical and cost effective technical service to the company. This will encompass site evaluation, architectural and engineering design, the investigation of any technical problems encountered and provision of economical and viable solutions. This may involve liaison with, appointment of and co-ordination of external professionals.
The Technical Department are involved with the Redrow product from inception to completion.
The Senior Designer will generally be given specific projects to run, either at the Design Stage or at Planning Approved Stage. They will then either prepare the working drawings and associated information that enables a site commencement or co-ordinate/check and issue externally supplied information.

Key Responsibilities

1. Advise Land Department on Technical viability of new sites.
2. Produce layouts and Technical reports for Land Appraisals, and prepare working drawings, details and specifications, with minimum supervision.
3. Provide technical support and information to Construction, Commercial and Sales departments and maintain good communication to ensure the required level of service is maintained.
4. Assist the Design Manager in fee negotiation and the appointment of consultants.
5. Produce and submit Planning and Building Regulation Applications and obtain planning permissions and other statutory approvals e.g S104 andS38 Agreements/satisfy any imposed conditions.
6. Prepare Sales and Legal information e.g. Conveyance plans, sales area layout drawings and M colours.
7. POS, S38, S104 adoptions.
8. In house Planning supervisor’s role.
9. Liase as required with RCDL on Special Projects.
10. Comply with responsibilities as laid down in the Group’s Health, Safety & Environment Policy.
11. At all times comply with company policies, procedures and instructions.
12. Obtain and check information from external architectural consultants, and suppliers and manufacturers for supplementing working drawings.
13. As required, from time to time, produce designs for layouts, house designs etc.
14. Miscellaneous approvals such as footpath closures, sales signage etc.
15. Ensure updated Group drawings are issued in accordance with department procedures.
16. Contribute to improving the business, protecting and enhancing the reputation of the company,

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