Assistant Buyer

Redrow Homes Thames Valley
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As part of the Buying team, Assistant Buyers at Redrow work closely with the Purchasing Manager and help in procuring all materials for the build process by collating and analysing order requirements and supplier information.

Depending upon the specific requirements of the team and the size of the division, they may also need to provide administrative support for the Purchasing department.


Key Responsibilities


  • Send out enquiries for appropriate materials, collate and analyse quotations.

  • As required, place orders with suitable suppliers for specified materials ensuring goods are delivered on the required date and purchased at the most competitive rates and within budget.

  • Ensure quality and performances of ordered materials are in line with required standards.

  • Consolidate purchases of materials to achieve maximum economic benefit.

  • Chase deliveries from suppliers that are overdue or urgent.

Purchasing Standards

  • In liaison with Purchasing Manager, inform other departments of all relevant information regarding changes in materials, major price movements, delivery lead times and individual supply situations.

  • Use Group buying deals unless authorised otherwise by Purchasing Manager.

  • Assist the Purchasing Manager in maintaining the Purchasing internal computer information system for the Region, ensuring site access for materials is maintained.


  • Process verified invoices when not automatically sanctioned via the Purchasing computer information system.


  • Ensure familiarity with Redrow Group’s Health, Safety and Environmental policies and comply with employee responsibilities.

  • At all times comply with company policies procedures and instructions.

  • Implement new ideas and methods and continue to seek ways of both improving contribution to the organisation’s goals and enhancing the reputation of the company.

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