Divisional HS&E Manager

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To positively challenge, advise, support, coach and mentor all key Divisional stakeholders to aspire to health, safety and environmental excellence.

Key Responsibilities
  • Maintain a dynamic and driven approach to promoting and supporting HS&E across the group and the divisions within own remit. Be an ambassador for HS&E and promote “out of the box” thinking which enables solutions to problems to be identified and implemented effectively within the divisions and projects you support.
  • Facilitate the implementation of the HS&E Management System which helps reduce risk and support a positive HS&E culture.
  • Support and work closely with the various internal Group Departments, Divisions, Redrow Site Management Teams and supply chain in planning, reviewing and achieving HS&E objectives and targets as well as promote continuous improvement and development throughout.
  • Support the Divisions in measuring and monitoring performance against the Group and Divisional HS&E Plans.
  • Ensure that every project within own remit undertakes a suitable HS&E pre-start meeting prior to commencing on site.  As well as hold close down workshops to capture lessons learnt.
  • Assist Redrow Site Management Teams in preparing the Construction Phase Health, Safety and Environmental Plans prior to a project commencing, and ensure that it is reviewed and updated at regular intervals.
  • Where appropriate, for example high risk trades/work packages, support Redrow Site Management Teams in undertaking subcontractor HS&E pre-start workshops so as to ensure that the works are planned and will be executed safely prior to commencing on site.
  • Carry out unannounced “impartial” site and office HS&E Assurance Inspections in line with current frequency arrangements and provide written reports. Inspections must provide a “black and white” picture of current performance and compliance with all Divisional HS&E Managers remaining impartial and objective at all times
  • Where working practices pose a significant risk to health, safety or the environment, ensure that the unsafe operation is stopped and inform Divisional management immediately.
  • Assist Redrow Site Management Teams in the review of high-risk contractors’ method statements, and monitor the implementation of the same on site.
  • Assist the Divisions within own remit in the performance management of subcontractors.
  • Ensure appropriate support, advice and assistance is offered and work with the Redrow Site Management Teams and the Divisions to ensure that any necessary remedial actions are implemented.
  • Promptly investigate all health, safety and environmental incidents as required by company policies, in accordance with company guidance and timescales.  Make known to all relevant parties any significant findings/recommendations and ensure lessons learnt/alerts are captured, developed and communicated effectively throughout the business.
  • Assist Divisions in closing out all incident investigations promptly and completely.  Work closely with the divisions, projects and supply chain to ensure all investigation recommendations are implemented.
  • Monitor the divisions and work with group L&D where appropriate to ensure that all staff, including office based personnel, receive appropriate HS&E training and instructions.
  • Maintain a working knowledge of all Group HS&E Management Systems, policies, procedures and guidance to a level which will allow you to guide and support divisions and Redrow Site Management Teams in their effective implementation.
  • To be individually responsible for professional and personal development.  This will include but not be limited to; appropriate internal and external research and learning, continuous professional development and taking on the role of ‘Champion’ for at least 1 HS&E topic.
  • If necessary, support with the development and delivery of HS&E training courses for Redrow staff and supply chain to ensure we remain compliant with current legislation and industry best practice.
  • Keep abreast of any changes or updates to relevant legislation and industry guidance/best practice. Furthermore ensure that such information is communicated and acted upon within your day to day role.
  • Ensure familiarity with Redrow Group’s Health, Safety and Environmental policies and comply with employee responsibilities.
  • At all times comply with company policies, procedures and instructions.
  • Contribute to improving the business, protecting and enhancing the reputation of the company, by putting forward new ideas and, when requested to do so, implementing change

Typical Outputs:

Typical expected output will include but not be restricted to:

  • Undertake regular engagement workshops with key stakeholders and customers both internal and external.
  • Undertake incident investigations & produce suitable reports which identify lessons learnt and actions to prevent reoccurrence.
  • Produce lessons learnt, alerts and guidance documents.
  • Undertake statistical data reviews to identify common trends and produce suitable reports.
  • Develop and deliver suitable training courses.
  • Produce and maintain “Topic Champion” guidance.
  • Produce monthly HS&E board reports for the divisions.
  • Produce written briefs and/or presentations following attendance at seminars, forums etc.
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