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Customer Services
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The job holder is responsible for ensuring that the customer service van is kept clean and tidy, and that his/her toolkit is complete and in good and safe working order; and for sourcing materials and submitting invoices /bills of sale as required.

The Customer Services Department is the interface between external customers and internal departments.

The Customer Services Department assumes responsibility for remedial work following receipt of the Customer Services blue book, when it is completed or when there is no longer a sales presence on site. The majority of the Customer Services Department’s work falls within the two year initial guarantee period, although it can extend to any time throughout the 10 year NHBC guarantee period.

The job holder is required to be properly attired in a Redrowbranded uniform provided by Redrow and for wearing overshoes when in customers’ homes and ensuring that PPE compliant clothing is worn as required when on site.

In fulfilling the role, the job holder is required to be respectful, polite, proper and courteous in his/her dealings with our customers.

Key Responsibilities

The job holder will undertake a range of work covering carpentry, plastering, painting, and basic remedial work.

1. To comply with Redrow’s customer service policy and procedures.

2. Complete all work instructions to a high standard in a safe, professional and timely manner.

3. Work in a clean and tidy manner.

4. Ensure that all work is carried out in a cost effective manner that minimises wastage of materials.

5. Attend the operating company’s office at least once a week to review work plans and pick up work instructions.

6. Comply with Redrow’s health, safety and environmental policies, with particular responsibility for the health and safety of members of the public.

7. At all times comply with any other relevant company policies, procedures and instructions, including producing his/her identity card to customers and others at appropriate times and/or on request.

8. Contribute to improving the business and protecting and enhancing the reputation of the company by putting forward new ideas and, when requested to do so, by implementing change.

Job Description