Digital CRM & Automation Manager

Redrow Group Services
Number of positions for this role
St Davids Park, Ewloe

To play a key role in Redrow’s digital transformation by leading the implementation of the marketing automation platform and the development of the CRM system.

To support Redrow’s Digital and CRM strategy by driving the development of a performing tech stack for customer engagement.

To oversee the digital marketing processes and to be responsible of Redrow’s digital CRO.

To be responsible for communication automation and to ensure Redrow’s customers receive highly personalized communications and relevant content.

Key Responsibilities
  • Support the Digital Transformation of the company by leading the implementation of the Automation Platform and the CRM development

  • Ensure the tech stack of the company is ahead of the market and bring product and process innovation to the wider team

  • Ensure the platforms are performing and fit for purpose, working with IT and developers to configure, test and update configurations

  • Support the wider team in the Customer Journey Mapping and drive its implementation through automation ensuring that the process is constantly maintained and improved

  • Drive CRO, lead nurturing and content personalization

  • Support the Data & Analytics Manager in defining the customer segmentation and ensure that the most relevant content is delivered to each customer demographic

  • Drive AB testing and support the wider team to ensure campaigns, digital properties and landing pages are optimized for conversions

  • Manage the CRM & Automation team

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