Digital Data & Analytics Manager

Redrow Group Services
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St Davids Park, Ewloe

The primary objectives are to play a key role in delivering Redrow’s data strategy and achieving the single customer view within the overarching Digital Transformation project.

Key Responsibilities
  • Support the Digital Transformation of the company by developing the tech stack for sophisticated reporting, BI and data-driven decisions

  • Develop the framework for market insights, analysis and reporting to provide business and market insights

  • Ensure data is accurate and fit for purpose, working with IT and agencies to configure, test and update configurations

  • Analyse web & customer data from multiple sources and turning findings into actionable insights

  • Define the personas and keep them up to date, ensuring proper support to campaign targeting and marketing automation

  • Quantify benefits of digital initiatives and supporting AB testing with statistical analysis

  • Work closely with the other digital teams to support CRO, SEO and customer journey mapping

  • Liaise with a variety of stakeholders and support data-driven decision-making

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