Engineering Manager

Redrow Homes Lancashire
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Chorley - Lancashire

The Engineering Manager will run projects, from initial site identification to planning approval stage. They will procure working drawings and associated information for various adoption agreements; enabling a site commencement or verifying externally supplied information. They will also manage all external consultants in the production of drawings for the design of site developments to internal brief from the management team – including the negotiation and submission of the drawings to the appropriate authorities for speedy and satisfactory approvals.

Key Responsibilities
  1. Lead the coordination of production information to a written programme in order to ensure a controlled and cost effective finish to the sites.

  2. Provide updated engineering drawings to the Construction Team as needed / at least on a weekly basis to ensure that all parties are working towards the same goals.

  3. Establish and enforce quality and standards in schemes, in order to maintain the good image of the company.

  4. Ensure that schemes are designed to Redrow standards and meet building, marketing and economic considerations, as well as being competitive in design terms.

  5. Ensure that schemes are produced within required time limits to suit programme deadlines (from a build and marketing perspective); taking into account external factors such as local authority planning and highways, drainage undertakers, drainage boards, service companies, local committees, action groups, resident issues, etc.

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