Senior Design Coordinator

Redrow Homes South East
Land & Planning
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South East

The Senior Design Coordinator manages the design of the layouts in order to maximize the use of Redrow house types from bid stage to planning consent stage. They will work on continuous improvement through review, and will also be the division’s custodian of the Redrow design concepts, culture and its implementation.

Responsible for: No direct reports
Responsible to: Development Manager

Key Responsibilities
  • Complete assessments of potential new sites; including conducting site visits with the appropriate members of the management team to ensure that the product is suitable for the land and /or the land is suitable for the product.
  •  Ensure that schemes are designed in accordance with the Redrow Plotting Guide, The ‘Redrow 8’ Place-making Principles, and the Redrow Landscape Manual.
  • Ensure schemes consider site / location, marketing and economic considerations, are efficient in design terms, and are produced within a time limit to suit programme deadlines.
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