Graduate IT Security Technician Trainee

Redrow Group Services
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This role will assist in the design, implementation and reporting for the security of Redrow’s IT systems. The Graduate Security Technician will follow a 2 year scheme to develop their cyber security and forensic analysis skills and knowledge.

They will develop the necessary skills to work with the IT Security team to ensure suitable operational and security procedures are in place, and implement them in conjunction with the IT department and other departments. The post-holder will endeavour to keep up-to-date with best practise in the Cyber Security area.

What we are looking for

Key Responsibilities: 

1.Statutory Initiatives & Standards

  • Assist with ensuring the company maintains compliance with government, industry or other standards as required by Management, such as but not limited to Cyber Essentials.

2.Develop Internal Procedures

  • Assist with the development of Processes, Forms, Wikis, and other documentation, that describe appropriate procedures to ensure adequate levels of security are maintained.

3.Working in cooperation with the rest of the IT Support department

  • Patches: identify and test patches for vulnerable software installed on our network.
  • PCs, Servers and other network devices: ensure the configuration of existing and new software and equipment meets our security requirements.
  • Network Configuration: Ensure the network is properly configured, for example Microsoft Active Directory, Security Certificates, user authentication etc.
  • Monitor network: to ensure the Security Policy is followed for example looking for weak passwords, unauthorised or vulnerable software.
  • Logs: Ensure logs of security events are produced and retained. Review logs as appropriate and take action where necessary.
  • Security breaches: take swift action to limit possible damage and eradicate threat.

4.Implement security policies

  • Take other action as required in relation to security.
  • Change Control
  • Apply Company-standard, auditable change control procedures as required.
Application tips

As we expect a lot of applications, we need our successful candidates to stand out from the rest. We like our people to be different – so what sets you apart? What can you offer us? Why do you want to work at Redrow?

Be clear and concise, and make sure that everything that goes into your application represents your qualities.

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