FLT Driver

Redrow Homes Yorkshire
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Responsible for the loading and off-loading of materials from delivery wagons into storage and also loading working platforms for various trades all in a safe and efficient manner.


This is an active role based on a construction site. Working in inclement weather will be required as the need arises. The time driving the forklift will be dependant upon how busy the site is and the job holder will be called upon to carry out general labouring duties when the forklift is not required.  There will, at times, be the necessity to access scaffolding by means of a ladder and work on the scaffolding or from the ladder.

Key Responsibilities

A Forklift Driver’s duties encompass many aspects during the building process - responsibilities include: -


  1. Loading and off loading of materials in a safe and efficient manner and using correct company procedures.

  2. Loading working platforms for various trades - bricklayers, joiners, roofers, etc, using correct company procedures. (There are also many occasions where a certain amount of manual handling will be required).

  3. Comply with responsibilities as laid down in the Group’s Health, Safety & Environment Policy and as explained in Site Health and Safety rules/procedures.

  4. At all times comply with company policies, procedures and instructions.

  5. General labouring duties when the forklift is not required.  This will include general housekeeping, removing rubbish etc, it will necessitate the climbing of ladders to access scaffolding

  6. Contribute to improving the business, protecting and enhancing the reputation of the company, by putting forward new ideas and, when requested to do so, implementing change.


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