Sustainability Coordinator

Redrow Group Services
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St. David's Park

You will play a key role in the team, helping to drive continual improvement of sustainability performance across the organisation through targeted programmes and initiatives.  You’ll have experience in resource efficiency, developing and promoting a business-wide waste minimisation project and assisting with delivery of our energy and carbon reduction plans.  You will also be responsible for ensuring regular and accurate reporting to help us understand and monitor our progress and promoting our successes internally and externally.  You will also support other aspects of our varied portfolio of sustainability projects, including biodiversity, stakeholder engagement, materiality and social value.

Key Responsibilities
  • Help to develop a company-wide programme to identify causes of waste and implement measures to eliminate it and reduce it at source.

  • Support our carbon and energy reduction plans by calculating our annual carbon footprint and developing and implementing initiatives to reduce energy and carbon emissions from our activities

  • Work with people across the business to ensure regular and accurate reporting to help us understand and monitor progress

  • Undertake data analysis and support the team in publicising our sustainability and social responsibility progress, both internally and externally

  • Report on company performance in industry and non-industry sustainability benchmarks like the Next Generation Benchmark

  • Be a champion in sustainability, encouraging behavioural change throughout Redrow and positively promoting the work of the sustainability team throughout the business

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