Development Legal Assistant

Redrow Group Services
Number of positions for this role
Tamworth / Northampton

To receive instructions from the Divisions in respect of Development Matters and to carry out those instructions by dealing with, or under the supervision of the relevant Development Solicitor/Company Solicitors/Legal Directors dealing with, the completion of all required legal agreements in relation to Development Matters

Key Responsibilities

1. Development Matters are to include, but not limited to, the following:

1.1 Section 38 Highways Act Agreements;

1.2Section 278 Highways Act Agreements;

1.3 Completion of Advance Payment Code, Section 220 Bonds;

1.4 Section 104 Water Industries Act Agreements;

1.5 Transfer of Public Open Space;

1.6 Transfer or Lease of Electricity Sub-stations;

1.7 Transfer or Lease of Gas Governor Stations;

1.8 Transfer or Lease of Pump Stations;

1.9 The grant of Deeds of Easement to Statutory Utilities in respect of the agreement referred to above; and

1.10 The grant of any Deeds of Easement to Statutory Utilities for the provision of services;

2. Monthly reports to be prepared for the relevant Company Solicitor/Legal Director for inclusion into their monthly Divisional Board Report.

3. The liaising with the NHBC and/or a third party provider for the provision of a bondsman in the completion of Statutory Utility Agreements together with obtaining execution of the appropriate documentation.

4. Dealing with the release of bonds under Statutory Utility Agreements;

5. In respect of developments the entering into of Management Agreements with managing agents to manage public open space and apartment blocks etc.;and maintaining a diary system for the renewal of the same.

6. To produce e-copies of all completed documents to:

6.1 relevant Technical Department

6.2 relevant Company Solicitor/Legal Director

6.3 relevant Plot Conveyancer for inclusion (where appropriate) in the Contract pack

7. Retain e-folders for general Legal access of completed copies of all of the above legal agreements.

8. Generally assist the Company Solicitors/Legal Directors in the completion of Development Matters.

9. Ensure familiarity with Redrow Group’s Health, Safety and Environmental policies and comply with employee responsibilities.

10. At all times comply with company policies, procedures and instructions.

11. Contribute to improving the business and enhancing the reputation of the Company by putting forward new ideas and by implementing change when requested to do so.

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